Shelter Dogs by Casey Coble

Shelter Dogs by Casey Coble

Casey Coble

Shelter Dogs

This was my greatest fear. What have I done to end up here?
I was such a good pet. I loved my family and always played fetch.
Although I have a bad intuition, getting adopted remains my mission.
All day long I sit in this place, waiting for someone to tell me I’m safe.
I often hear different voices and see many faces,
Make me your choice, I promise to never eat your shoelaces.
I’ll love you forever and become your passion, as long as you never use me for fashion.
I’ll support you with all you are pursuing, supply me with toys, I’ll busy myself chewing.
I already know sit, shake and stay, please someone come and take me away.
For this is a high kill shelter. None of us can stay.

I hear someone coming: are you coming for me?
Is this a good person or bad, I cannot yet see.
As a human looks over my way… the time has come, today is my day!
Although I am sad to be leaving my friends,
I pray finding a family is how their stories too will end.
I am so excited to be leaving with you!
Your face looks delighted; I feel brand new.
I gracefully walk right by your side and jump into your car, ready for the ride.
You’re taking me home now. I am finally free!
Please be my “furever” home and share your life with me.

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