Battle of Pride by Andrew Younker

Battle of Pride by Andrew Younker

Andrew Younker

Battle of Pride

The enemy is chosen,
battle is eminent.
All week, their area has been slandering the name of what we stand for.
No reason for their hatred, just jealously and prejudice towards those who are not themselves.
We seek revenge on the battlefield for their disrespect
and to prove our skills in combat.

We train our troops of selected warriors every day,
until, finally, the day of battle has come.
We suit up from head to toe with our finest gear.
Our leaders rant and rave, holler, and scream orders.
The hour has come; we see them take the field.

We kneel and pray, then we give a war cry.
Encouragement and reassurance is given to all,
this was our war to win today.
We send our best 11 soldiers to the field.
The battle whistle sounds and the ball is placed.
Time for the kick off.

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