My Mama by Sharlana Kadin

My Mama by Sharlana Kadin

Sharlana Kadin

My Mama

I lay awake in bed, listening to the sweet melody of birds chirping,
singing their songs of another day to be thankful for.
As I go to work in the field early in the morning,
I look towards the horizon to see the sun peaking over the mountaintop.
The light that kisses the clouds, reflects the mist in the air,
making it look like there’s fire in the trees.

I watch as the men go to war to protect their families;
they give their sons and daughters one last hug.
Their faces are full of despair,
down the road of sadness they go.

While I work, I pray that mama will get better soon.
She holds the branch of protection and love,
like any beautiful dove.
She is the wisdom of words to show
that one day I’ll have to let her go,
from within my mind, but not my heart.
For she’ll always be there, we’ll never be apart.

As I leave the field to go to my room,
I pass through the kitchen and lower the basket onto the table.
Sitting on my rocking chair by the window,
I slowly rock back and forth.
Listening to the whisper of the soft summer’s rain,
Pitter patter. Drip, drip, drop…
I shed a tear
for I know my mama’s death is near.

As I watch the starry night sky,
looking for a prayer,
I start to cry,
Mama’s not getting better.

Late at night I go into her room,
the presence of death and sadness greets me
as I go lay next to her
taking her soft delicate hand,
holding it, knowing that she’ll soon be gone.

I look at her.
How strong she was before, but how weak,
pale, and thin she is now.
The happiness from her face is all washed away
like the vibrant hues of water colors that flourish
on paper from the sun’s rays.
Now there is nothing but sorrow and pain.

I lay with her for a long time,
reminiscing about the memories and the stories that
we had shared.
It was then that I felt the movement of her hand.
Mama looked up at me.

“I love you,” I told her
as I felt my heart begin to sink.
“I love you too,” she gently whispered.
She smiled.
Touching my face one last time,
before she slowly closed her eyes,

Mama was gone.

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