“Hurricane” By Michelle Dean

“Hurricane” By Michelle Dean

One step closer just to get pushed further away
Why can’t he see what this is doing to me?
I’ve tried to stay strong day after day

The faith I had slowly faded
Nothing is left inside
I’ve been patient; oh God knows how I’ve waited

Nothing changes… it all remains the same
I know what I’ve put into this
But I’ll take the blame

He doesn’t want me close
That kills me inside
I said I’ll leave and BOOM he froze

He doesn’t want me close, he doesn’t want me far
I feel tossed around
How much more can I take with already being scarred

Maybe I really am that bad
Undeserving of love
Not worthy of having the heart of this man

I’ll leave him alone now
It seems better that way
Loneliness always finds a path somehow

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