“A Summer by the Sea” by Rebecca Strunk

“A Summer by the Sea” by Rebecca Strunk

Foot to sand, I remember
those days of long nights
and glorious days, filled with memories.
Of a person on the turf
swept to me, by the Caspian Sea.

To fill my world with new adventures.
Each getting better by every turn
hand to hand, foot to sand,
hopping over broken clam shells,
other little things we could explore, but don’t.

Watching the sun descend the horizon
we dive, the colors of the coral
exploding in our lives down here.
Above the glistening wonders
our lives continue up there,
now above us in the stars.

He pulls me against the current,
closer, closer, until I’m there.
The secret of him, told in no words,
but that dive told me everything.

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