“White Egg, Brown Egg” By Alyssa Little

“White Egg, Brown Egg” By Alyssa Little

White egg, brown egg, speckled egg, blue egg
Which egg is better on the inside?
Does one egg make you taller?
Or fatter? Smarter? Duller?
Could it be that two of them are tied?

Speckled egg, blue egg, true egg, new egg
Which egg is jealous of the other?
Do speckled eggs hate blue
For their evenness of hue?
Or do they view each other as a brother?

White egg, brown egg, town egg, clown egg
Why has one of these eggs been oppressed?
One egg boasts the test of time
One egg’s made it through a climb
So which of these considers themselves best?

Prize egg, wise egg, size egg, buys egg
If you crack them open what’s inside?
Identical design
In your egg and in mine
Remove the shell and all is simplified.

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