“Look Up” by Michael Tucker

in these our last daze
our lost days
I’m at the end
chrome skulls bleeding quicksilver skies
as omega point approaches with a fuzzy smile
the people on TV snort space and candy
off plastic cd cases
(apocalypse wow)
Ah American life:
a rest home for the wayward and roughly traded children
busted up dusted up children
digging in neon wastelands
high atop parking garage rooftops
holding hands in glass elevators
passing basketballs
beyond the beyond
quick don’t look everything is connected
singing songs for the schizophrenic rabbit
far below another
barbed wire bramble tree bent
still fuzzy smileys rub against my face
near suicide note grimoires of quantum physics and games of Arabian chess in the candy store
grinning while I’m losing
because losing is good luck mostly
giving up cigarette hugs bleak poet on the bathroom floor
licking atomic cellophane on a broken mirror
warm breeze through the window
bright cartoon of reality
playing on
beside myself here in hell’s lounge
after a free if brief trip to heaven
as Pisces
into Aquarius
my heart now lends itself to unwrapping
a satyr against this plastic world
pull me up like a weed
I’m unveiled

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