“Battle Scars” by Michelle Dean

“Battle Scars” by Michelle Dean

I’ll never know the horrors of what he saw.
I’ll never understand the pain that remains.
All I know is the after effects have him flawed.

The airplanes flying overhead at night,
The sound of a loud bang,
All send him into a mode of fight.

I see him here beside me but he’s not really here.
His mind is far off in the distance,
And I never know if I should stay or disappear.

His empathy has departed,
I can’t tell if he even cares.
He says he loves me but leaves me brokenhearted.

I try to help but it seems impossible and so tough.
He lives in a world of his own,
Shutting me out, making me feel I’m just not enough.

What has that place done to him that I can’t understand?
Why am I being punished for staying by his side?
This is a life only known by those loving a military man.

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