“Winter Blues” by K.E. Shea

“Winter Blues” by K.E. Shea

Winter is a time of joy
for people who are cheery,
yet the days are dull and dim
to the souls of the weary.

Yes, December distracts you
with holidays and some fun.
But how does one carry on
when celebrations are done?

Living in winter is like
being damned to Asphodel;
you merely exist and breathe
in this bleak landscape you dwell.

Without the sun’s light and warmth,
waking up becomes a pain.
When you’re greeted by the cold,
and a dark, withered terrain.

How I envy evergreens,
and cardinals in the snow.
For they continue to thrive,
even in seasons of woe.

For days, I’m weak and tired,
life drained by the cloudy sky.
I struggle to exist like
a flower about to die.

I pray the Lord give me strength
and to wipe away the tears.
For I know light will return
and heal me when spring is here.

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