“Notebook” by Heather Wallen

“Notebook” by Heather Wallen

When your soul is screaming
Like it sometimes does
When your body and mind are in a war
That you can’t remember asking for
But you must have
Because they seem to think
You gave them the permission

Put it in your notebook.

When your head feels three times bigger
Than it did at breakfast this morning
And you’re doing that thing again
That nervous tick you have
You know the one
Yes, that one

Scratch it into your notebook.

When your voice keeps getting louder
So much so that you feel yourself deafening
But no one seems to be listening
When they keep paying no attention
And you’re contemplating your importance
In a world so preoccupied

Scream it at your notebook.

When there are things you need to hide
Things no one can ever see or know
Things you need to acknowledge but
You aren’t quite sure how to
Those vile horrible things
That no one should ever carry

Bury them in your notebook.

When you need a constant friend
An unrelenting confidant
A responsible secret keeper
And binding promise
One trust that can never be betrayed.

Turn to your notebook.

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