Busking by Luke Samra

Busking by Luke Samra

I slept with my guitar last night.

It was the closest thing to you.

Closed a cafe down

In a sleepy town


I may be poor but

I’m making tips and a half

Leave them in my hat.

5 o’clock shadow tells me

It’s time to go home

I fight rush hour traffic both ways.


I don’t need deadlines

For you,

You don’t need to make

Headlines in the news.


I don’t care how much you make.

I don’t care if you make mistakes


My fingers have travelled miles

On my guitar for you.

The only spotlight is the moon

The wind sounded like cheers


Luke Samra is from Kalamazoo, MI.  His work appears in The Tipton Poetry Journal, FishFood Magazine, Local Gems Press (Bards Against Hunger), The Charleston Anvil and Flying Island.  Luke is a tennis instructor and musician.

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