Theme Update – Unity of Lost Souls

Theme Update – Unity of Lost Souls

Hi there,

You’ve either come here of your own volition and intuition–your curiosity–or you’ve seen our flyers scattered about.

Either way, please read.


Unity Among Lost Souls


Unity Among Lost Souls ; Hedge Apple Magazine


The same wind that caressed the faces of our ancestors crosses our paths and waves like a distant friend. The very atoms that make up our bodies are shared with every object, being, idea and construct ever heaved into existence.

There is a deity in our feet that links us to the earth.

Circumstances differ, but everyone has a shared story—a spirit of their place.

Circumstances change, too. Generations of footprints can be torn and tossed in a geopolitical instant. Upheaval is, unfortunately, also timeless.

In any circumstance, whether rooted beneath trees of foremothers and fathers, or circling the globe for a ray of light to emerge through an opening door, everyone has a story.


What’s yours?


Send us your history and hardship, joyful discovery and rough reality. If you know a ray of light, tell us about that, too.


We’re here to listen.


Submissions close April 15.

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