Unwelcome with My Camera? – Keith Moul

Unwelcome with My Camera? – Keith Moul

Another piece of Keith’s we found to paint a vivid picture. Enjoy.

Unwelcome with My Camera?

Local folks suspect strangers lurking about.

My head up, I gauge light burst on a window,

then as flashily decamps in the leaves’ flutter.

What to do with “get away from my lawn”?

Or defend a case of brilliance here observed?

If I turn to gaze farther, I dig ghastly cavities

in brain matter granted custody of this place.

All right, a simple inquiry at the door: May I

pause to limn the gilding pageantry of light?

Thus squandering that time and all should he

answer “NO!” East breeze ferries drama in;

rain sweeps to vertical the velour of leaves;

street spray from a car flashes the horizontal.

A tide no more regularly reconfigures beach

than light saturates this neighborhood’s eyes,

blinding in painted white of this church wall

of a minor sect sparkling as if combustible.

My accidental presence here creates a scene:

a timeless day, my imperfect finger ready on

the release; my ignorance; me, wet but steadily

pelted by as yet unknown but eternal certainties.

A forced departure bars me from final assertion,

penultimate views, or any infinite assertions

on any stage where my vision may earn a space.

Evening darkness, of course, supplants debate,

yet a word: I click a frame to the mediating, but

minor sect, yet in profile.  Kinfolk tales portend

a fight, but guide the fine spirit of nostalgic light.

Keith Moul has written poems and taken photos for more than 50 years, his work appearing in magazines widely.  His chapbook, The Journal, and a full-length volume, New and Selected Poems: Bones Molder, Words Hold were recently accepted by Duck Lake Books. These are his ninth and tenth chap or book published.

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