Alaina Conaway, Spring 2021 Editor
Greetings and salutations readers, writers, and those who’ve stumbled across us by chance! My name is Alaina, I’m a sophomore at Hagerstown Community College, and I’m one of three editors this spring semester. Both reading and writing have drastically shaped my life, so I’m very excited to read your submissions! Poetry holds a special place in my heart, but profound, visceral, shocking, spine bending, gut wrenching, and/or heartbreaking pieces of all forms are my soft spot; so let’s get weird and get writing.

Carmen Andrade, Spring 2021 Editor
As a self proclaimed book worm I can honestly say I have sunk my teeth into every known genre. Reading has been my life since I was a child and now, as a full time English major, I can say I will never be done exploring the written word. I am eager to read your deepest thoughts, and laugh at your quirky jokes, and respect the craft you love. Be vulnerable, be courageous, and trust what your creativity gives life to. 

Laura Jeu, Spring 2021 Editor
I am a fervent writer, sporadic hiker, and doting canine mom to my Brittany named Scout. While I enjoy reading all genres, I especially love pieces that explore introspection, feminism, and nature (or all three!) As I await your submissions, I eat carrot cake and sip tea.

Shaiya Booker, Spring 2021 Art Editor

Amanda Miller, Faculty Supervisor
Hi, I’m Amanda. I’ve been faculty advisor for the Hedge Apple for 15 years now. I know because I started when I was pregnant with my first son, so it’s pretty easy to remember the time span. I love showcasing emerging writers and artists, and I love working with each new group of interns. My writing genres range the whole way from horror to children’s books, from fiction to poetry, including everything in between. I most appreciate authentic pieces that have a living heartbeat, pieces that sound urgent, like one specific voice whispering in my ear in a way that no other voice could.