A Wish on Replay by Taryn Owens

Taryn Owens

A Wish on Replay

The silk of her voice floats
on the air around me
her voice deep blue, lovely purple
and elegant black

There is a whirlpool of passion I am caught in
as I close my eyes and allow
the emotion to carry me to a place
only God could have created

The rush of this colorful tornado takes
the hues from her voice and
paints them across my imperfect body
transforming me into an angel

And the shadows that had made
obvious my imperfections are
drowned in this beauty of an invisible voice

A protecting voice that warns
the shadows that made me unbeautiful
the vibrant paint becomes my clothing
my defenses and fear fall away
from this color that is music
that is voice, that is passion
that is love

Without warning the whirpool escapes
from the air that surrounded me
into a place I could never hope to touch
the finality of the end
replaces the tornado in the air
for a few breathless seconds

And then I smile

Only a hint of the angel
that her voice created in me

I walk over to the CD player

And hit replay