Home by Monica Cerezo

Monica Cerezo


Home all day in this house;

four blank walls closing in. Peeking out

the window shade, the sun

is bright and beckoning.

The kids wake, hungry now-

wanting a cooked breakfast

of eggs, pancakes, toast, and juice.

They interrupt my

few moments of quiet

time to reflect and plan

the day ahead. I need

more time and energy.

“Enjoy these years,” they say.

I try hard to give them

all of me in each moment.

Even though my house is

full and bustling, I

still feel trapped and lonely.

I need to escape these

square walls that block me in

every day, all day.

Just a few hours of

refreshing me time

is all I think I need.

Running is my outlet.

I can run for miles and

miles out in the sunshine.

I cannot hear the kids

asking for this or that.

I can only hear the

beat of music in my

ears as each foot lands on

the pavement. As I run

my thoughts are cleared and I

get a new sense of who

I am. I can sing and

pray and release all my

frustrations while I run.

It is a free feeling

to run without any

restrictions in my path.

I feel like a bird who

flies high in the sunshine.

The bird is free yet

takes care of her young.

She nurtures them and loves

them but flies about free.

Out in the sunshine is

where I crave, but nothing

can keep me from the four

walls of my home sweet home.