EM! by Prince Blake and Racheal Sooeko

Prince Blake and Racheal Sooeko





BOY: I like em short


Girl: I like em tall


BOY: I like em sweet


Girl: I like em with a streak


BOY: I’m kinda interested in the one I can walk down to the creek


Girl: Well I love mine to care what’s on my feet




Girl: I like a kiss before sleep


BOY: Cool I’m fine with some cute feet


Girl: Of course, I like to be the boss so I need one I can beat


BOY: Im not goin for that you not gon find that in me


Girl: Nobody asked you dummy, I’m hippin you ‘bout what comforts me


BOY: Well I don’t care how you like em


BOY: I like em




BOY: Anyway I like the curly hair ones


Girl: I like em with a nice coolio fade


BOY: I also like the ones that know a lil Spanish


Girl: I want one that would stay for longer than one night and won’t vanish


BOY:I like one who has future plans


Girl: What! One that will major in caring for and a stripper that dances for can goods


BOY: Girl you thought you knew the game plan


Girl: Boy you’re a lame!


Girl: Can I get a body builder?


BOY: So you want a man with lil nipples and no neck


Girl: Huuhhhh


Girl: I like em!


            HOW I LIKE EM