Improper Vision by Rebecca Burcham

Rebecca Burcham

Improper Vision



How can you look forward,

when all I can see is the past?

The ever-changing days ahead

will only leave yesterday unsurpassed.

Nothing in our future time

can change the departed age.

Where life was lenient, time was truthful,

and responsibility wasn’t a cage.

What does tomorrow have to give,

save for questions, doubts, and the pain?

You must see a different future than I…

Or is it me fighting against the grain?

Surely there are good things yet to come,

hand in hand with the bad, not a curse;

maybe your view—the positive one—

can see all the negatives reversed.

                                            Is it possible for life to be inherently good?

Can tomorrow bring hope from the gloom?

Maybe while I was busy looking back,

the future is beginning to bloom.