Shadow of a Dead One by Taryn Owens

Taryn Owens

Shadow of a Dead One

Love, give me some water and hand me some wine,

we’re dying and crying and lusting for swine.

Each hit that we’re taking is numbing us all,

so tell me sweet darling how far have we to fall?

I dance in illusions, I cry in the rain,

this tale I have told you again and again.

My body has turned to a cold empty shell,

my scars are more real than you ever could tell.

There is a Man whispering, loudly to me.

His tears fill rose vases as vast as the sea.

This Man says He’ll save me, with something like blood,

that swimming in darkness will turn me to mud.

I grasp for His life and for being alive,

and quickly He saves me, as slowly I strive

for life and for air and for something I crave.

I know that He’ll hold me if only I’m brave.