Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Audi Columbo

Audi Columbo


 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow



The past is the past for a reason.

Some cannot let it go

even though that’s where it’s supposed to stay.

I cannot change what happened.

No matter how much I try,

no matter how much I think about it,

no matter how much I cry.

It’s unchangeable, and I must move on to tomorrow.



Don’t contemplate, or remember the past.

Don’t allow it to make all your troubles a burden.

Today is a new dawn, a new day.

Open your eyes to see the new gift in front of you,

allowing it to make a new moment to learn from,

forgiving yourself for what you have done.

Live in the now, for tomorrow.



I look forward to tomorrow for it’s a new day.

Moving on, and picking up the broken pieces,

knowing it’ll all be okay.

When you feel a pain

know that someone else is feeling a bigger one.

Don’t let the history interfere

for tomorrow is a new day.