Removal By Phil Huffy

Removal By Phil Huffy

Such uneven walls,

long abided though aged.

Just look at the old place—

a snug place, a small place,

offering solace, a tepid bath,

a quiet meal

and granting the view

out back to familiar scenes.


Some cold comfort came

amid these empty rooms.

Warm nights, or lonely ones,

and sunny mornings watching

the street though grimy panes

before exiting

for a day’s endeavors,

emerging to city sounds.


A few secrets will be

left behind, forgotten soon;

some chapters closed

or locked away, abandoned.

They can languish here,

and after some paint

and such the next along will

come take up the narrative.

Phil Huffy is a repurposed lawyer from Rochester, New York.  He was formerly a hobbyist songwriter and one -man band, but he left the group in a huff.  Recent placements include Poets Reading the News, The Lyric, Westward Quarterly and Better Than Starbucks.


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