From the Heart By Matthew Longerbeam

From the Heart By Matthew Longerbeam

her parting kiss

fell soft upon my lips

and with no hesitation

although I knew the separation

to be of short and temporary nature

a frosting covered my heart

as though a spring blossom was suddenly

withered within a February chill

my soul cried and I………………



She kissed me goodbye

And that feeling

That certain lousy feeling

It hit me


And there’s no name for it


It is that feeling a western hero

would feel

Should he draw down upon

an evil foe

Only to find his holster filled

with emptiness


The sensation that would

befall an astronaut


and with no remaining

means of  navigation


And I have yet to find a word

that truly fits it


But whatever one may call it

It is a lousy feeling

Making one aware that

a part,


the most important part

of you

is missing

and that’s

the way I feel

every time

she kisses me


Matthew Longerbeam is a native of Maryland. He was a victim of violent crime in the 1990s and has spent most of his adult life in recovery. Matthew is currently working on a degree in Human Services at HCC and lives in Williamsport, Md with his wife Tabby and his cat Hobo.


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