After Later By Michael Holland

Breeze blows coolly in through the window

Black morning sun as dim as streetlights’ glow

Air never tastes this good, eyelids never fight this hard to close


The sun at its zenith is like CSPAN

Shade makes life livable again

Night seeps down into your hands


Skeletal trees perch on piles of leaves in the rain

While the sun makes its descent over the landscape

Painting the clouds and everything around brilliant vermilion shades


The urgency of temperatures below freezing

Can be so pleasing

And fire makes us hold onto the moment completely


The moon is always waiting, patiently watching

At just the right time you can see it’s a sphere, it’s awkward

The moon is always turning, spinning, and falling


Michael Holland is a veteran and a graduate. His favorite book is Replay, and he’s an amateur electronic athlete.

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