New Editors & Themed Issues for Spring 2019

Hey there, everyone.

Spring has yet to come (in the northern hemisphere at least,) but winter’s breadth has done little to stop the slew of exciting ideas pouring from our elated hearts. Because the Hedge Apple is continuously spun with the preferences of student-interns, editors change with the seasons. That cycle of change results in an unebbing tide of fresh ideas each and every magazine. Mr. Garlock and Ms. Hogue have ascended into the hall of records to join hands with all editors preceding. The great unity that is locally known as “finishing the English program” is before them.

Meet this Spring’s editors: Elijah Rokos, Ryan Jordan, and Jake Kemman.

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, we’re going to pick up where the last issue ended. To continue the glasnost begun by our esteemed predecessors, we are still accepting submissions from the wide, wide world and all the people in it–so keep ’em comin’, world.

With that said, we can also formally introduce the first of this Spring’s themes, so keep reading. It’s a goodie.

Spill Your Guts

Hedge Apple Magazine Spil Your Guts Theme

Society doesn’t want you to believe that your secrets matter. Hiding away your true selves and making it through the day with ingenuine smiles gets exhausting, but that was yesterday. Today, allow this digest to dive into your gutsy stories–sans reflux. Remove the protective layers of secrets and give in to the seduction of nakedness: loss, grief, love, need, poverty, addiction, obsession, social depravity, depression, mental health, oppression, sickness, heartache, detachment, dissociation, mind-numbing stress, and that which evades description. Regurgitate the ugly monsters from within, exfoliate the things that make you itch, strip your skin, and send those skeletons lurching into the light of day. We want the things that scare you, hold you, lift you up and drag you down. This February, air out your intestines between the pages of the Hedge Apple.

Submissions can be anonymous or not–that part is up to you. Quit your itchin’, start bitchin’.

Submission period ends March 16.


Before you go, set a reminder to keep checking back. We’ll update this page as the rest of our themes roll in. If you plan to submit for a theme, make sure to let us know in your cover letter. For more information, refer to our Submission Guidelines.

Thanks for reading,

The (Spring ’19) Editors.

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