Prediction, Faculty Drub – Phil Huffy

This is Phil’s second publication with Hedge Apple. His first, last semester, is also on our website.

Prediction is an honestly-described tale of recollection. Faculty Drub is a limerick–Phil’s seeming signature with us.

(It seems both we and our immediate predecessors appreciate limericks.)




He looked into the future

at the Corinth County Fair.

The cost of this? Two dollars,

promptly paid.

It seemed uniquely quiet

in the fortune teller’s lair.

The hoopla right outside went


She took his hand quite firmly

and remarked about his palm

that a pleasing indication

was displayed

and told him there was something

from his past he’d soon enjoy,

to reassert a memory

long mislaid.

He headed for the midway

and the babble re-emerged

as he stepped into the sunlight

from the shade

and thought that he’d be foolish

to believe in such a tale,

yet felt the urge

to buy a lemonade.


Faculty Drub

A professor of eminent station

had been grading an English translation.

Although expertly made

it received a downgrade

for a comma outside a quotation.


Phil Huffy writes early and often at his kitchen table in upstate New York. He has been published frequently, with nearly 100 pieces finding homes in the last twelve months.

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