It’s Official: Hedge Apple 2020 is Live!

If you chose to peruse the pages of Amazon whilst in search of new reading material, and then decided to enter in the search bar, “Hedge Apple Magazine,” it is entirely possible that our Spring 2020 issue would come up. That’s right, folks – it’s live!

I want to once again thank everyone who submitted their work this spring, especially those whose pieces made our print issue possible. This was not my first time as an editor, but it was by far my most integrated and expansive experience with the position thus far, and that has a lot to do with the submissions we received, all of which were special and enlightening in some way.

So give yourselves a pat on the back – we have all created something wonderful here (and in the time of a pandemic, no less)!

Thank you for everything, and may summer treat you well.


Lucy Kiefert, Spring 2020 Editor – signing off

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