Welcome Our New Editors!

Hey there, Reader!

As the spring semester begins in defiance of the multiple feet of snow falling on Hagerstown, the Hedge Apple welcomes its three editors for this year. Alaina Conaway, Carmen Andrade, and Laura Jeu eagerly await your submissions. They all have quirky personalities you can read more about under our Masthead.

As they excitedly make their way through your work submitted from May 2020 through today, we are delighted to announce February’s themed call for submission: Self-Love Letters! What do you love about yourself? What would you write if you were trying to woo yourself? Write it down and then let us know!

We are still accepting general submissions, too! Details about how to submit and what most entices our editorial taste buds can be found under Submission Guidelines.

New themed calls for submission will drop right here, so be sure to check back often!

Thanks for reading,

The (Spring 2021) Editors.

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