Halloween contest winners

We are pleased to present the following two runners-up in our Halloween contest:

“Rushing the Season” written by Sarah Henry and “The Fairy Godmother” written by Brynn Lietuvnikas

And the winner of our Halloween contest is…

“Intruder in the Mist” by John Grey

We will publish “Rushing the Season” on Friday, October 29th and “The Fairy Godmother” on Saturday, October 30th.

We will publish “Intruder in the Mist” on Halloween!

When we publish these pieces, we will also include audio recordings of the pieces. Our theater students are currently working on those recordings.

Additionally, if you would like to see some other students read these pieces for a spooky Halloween event at our college, please check out the Facebook livestream that will begin on WED October 26th at 1:00 pm EST.

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted. There were many fantastic entries.

Please send us more work… we will be reading general submissions again starting in January, but feel free to submit now!!

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