The Bath by Alex Gibson

The warm embrace and languid touch of love,

dim lights that glow and drip their melted wax,

their shapes that dance on darkened paint above,

she flips a tattered page, a simple act, 

yet full of hearty joy, and passion pure, 

the love of other things persists to wane, 

the water’s echo brings a blissful lure,

to stay, to keep the tranquil peace maintained, 

to keep the water still,  to make no wave, 

for warmth and ease are lovely pleasant things, 

and leisure’s marriage ought to be saved,

it’s come together, save eternal rings,

her parting time has come, she stands despaired,

a wish for one more breath in calming air.

Alex Gibson is a full time student at Hagerstown Community College. They enjoy writing poetry and short stories. They currently have no published work. 

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