Mannequin’s Perdition by Nick Godec

Nothing here beyond us—plastic dolls

in a dark factory basement.

Lights turn off row by row.

This room is full of blank bodies.

Once I whispered dreams

through the dividing glass.

You called for sexy swimwear.

Your dollars dropped at our feet.

You kept us with the living,

made us believe we were alive.

Seeing you from the window made us

blind to our own facelessness.

They leave us here

in tight formation.

We dream a return

to the window,

waiting for

adoration and praise.

The moment never comes.

This plastic body isn’t mine.

Yet here I am.

Nick Godec’s work has been published in Grey Sparrow, Pennsylvania Literary Journal, Rue Scribe, and Steam Ticket. He studied history at Columbia University, received his MBA from Columbia Business School and now works in the financial industry. Nick lives in New York City with his wife, Julia, and their miniature pinscher, Emma.

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