Fire by Robin Witmer-Kline

I dance upon the darkness

My beauty burns the night

My life is birthed from embers

In blackness….I am light

I leap and dance each time I rise

From my sprite-hearted rest

Balletic movements, yellow eyes

My ornaments from fe’st

My frenzy show of fury

In truth, I create calm

I pray upward to heaven

And touch God with my palms

I’m flaming ambidextrous

With prism heated hues

I soar to highest pinnacle

From orange, to red, to blue

I rage with haunting elegance

Inferno breathes me higher

When born of earthly elements

I am God-given fire

Dr. Robin Witmer-Kline, Ph.D., LPC, C-PD is a full-time Psychology Faculty member at Hagerstown Community College.She also is a licensed clinical psychotherapist and Certified Personality Disorder clinician in the state of Pennsylvania with over 25 years clinical and teaching experience.Dr. Witmer-Kline earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Christian Psychology and combined her faith and her love of psychology and poetry for her dissertation in which she examined poetry therapy and faith’s effects on reminiscence, mood, cognition, and self-esteem in the elderly.She lives in Greencastle, Pennsylvania with her husband and family.

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