A Window In Time by Victoria Moo Briddell

Now we turn inward to the quiet mind,

oasis of green in a vast expanse,

blown into dunes by a warm desert wind,

each grain of sand in its own special dance.

From the face of the Earth the thin veil slips,

our protection for eons is no more.    

Some fear the imminent apocalypse,

Earth has been treated as a common whore.

Where is the reverence for our Mother

who has cared for us through millennia?

To whom should we turn? There is no other.

How to rid mankind of this mania?

Our chances for recovery seem slim,

yet, She fills our cup again to the brim.

Victoria Moo Briddell was born and grew up in South Africa before emigrating to the United States. After graduation from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree, she taught English in Ecuador. She married Don Briddell in 1969 and together they travelled to India for further studies at the Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy of Sivananda Ashram, graduating with a Yoga Acharya degree in 1971.

She lives in Maryland where she and her husband run Overboard Art, Inc. She teaches Yoga in the Frederick area and participates in two Maryland writing groups as well as several writing workshops each year. She published her first book, “Looking Out from Within” – Living Yoga with the Saints and Sages of India (available on Amazon) in December 2018. She also loves gardening, reading, meditation, walking with friends and spending time with her children and grandchildren.

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