Brittany Franclemont, “Orbiter”

You’ve never tasted his lips,
soft and insistent against yours.
His fingers haven’t tucked
your hair behind your ears,
brushed across your jaw,
stroked your cheeks.
He didn’t gaze so deeply
into your eyes that you
couldn’t catch your breath
and nearly drowned.
His hands haven’t skimmed
across each vertebra
of your spine and lingered over
your hips. He hasn’t nibbled
across your collarbone, along
your throat, smiled with his teeth
against the soft spot just beneath
your earlobe. You haven’t been his
undoing – baring your souls,
sharing each other’s breath.
His heart wouldn’t have whispered
its love for you if you pressed
your ear against his chest as you lay
tangled together, so close it becomes
impossible to tell where he ends
and you begin. You were never
the center of his universe,
it was you who slipped into his orbit.

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