Untitled: Depression never lifts a finger… by Benjamin Fisher

Benjamin Fisher

Untitled: Depression never lifts a finger…

Depression never lifts a finger, but rage—




            So says Lavinia; sliced tongue

            fingers and thumbs drawing





Praying for anger is not the same as angry prayers.

            Stay focused on the places you’ll go past,


            without me.

The strong follows the weak now, wobbly steps

that will

            become more sure, but the weak can

only follow for

                        so long.

            Let the tide take the message away because

everyone hears, no one accepts—

            but who will be remembered longer,

            Achilles or Astynax?

Soldier by Star Dodson

Star Dodson


Training intensely
Minding willfully
Trusting completely
Planning fearfully
Rising forcefully
Walking quietly
Sweating profusely
Watching cautiously
Beating rapidly
Praying sincerely
Aiming precisely
Standing steadfastly
Weighing instantly
Shooting orderly
Killing suddenly
Grieving instantly

I Dance the Dance of Life by Kafi Cunningham

Kafi Cunningham

I Dance the Dance of Life

Idance the dance of life like Indians dance their dance for rain
The life that I loved for 34 years left me despite my dance
I saw the life leave those doe brown eyes
I felt his cinnamon skin change from pain sensitive softness to rock hard rigor
Rainbows in my tears
Rainbows in raindrops clinging to windowpanes

Following My Dream by Brian Auth

Brian Auth

Following My Dream

As a child I would act and play,
in hopes of what I would become someday.
A fireman, a cop, a doctor or dentist,
sometimes I see myself as a great pianist.
Whatever I am or whatever I am not,
I will keep on trying and I will never stop.
Hard work and determination is all I need,
to follow my dreams and to succeed.
Never give up and never take no,
I tell myself where ever I go.
I have reached graduation; I have found my way,
to be the person I am today.

My Father by Kim Hildebrand

Kim Hildebrand

My Father

My father’s love is something, I hold dear
Never will it drift, like a boat at sea
Kept in my own heart, it drowns out my fear
And though he is gone, he lives on in me

Every day I miss him, this does not fade
While time eased my sorrow, my scars remain
Two sisters’ and my mom too went away
Buried by my father, together again

All this death over eight heart-wrenching years
A family of seven, is now three
Myself, a sister and brother, our tears
God, for unknown reasons, chose my family

Therefore, dad was right when he said to me,
“God’s plan will unfold mysteriously”

Untitled: She is of my flesh… by Michael Swope

Michael Swope

Untitled: She is of my flesh…

She is of my flesh,
She carries in her, my blood.
The apple of my eye,
I hate to see her cry.

Her life may be a struggle,
Her glucose is always changing.
Four times a day she must prick,
Three times a day she must stick.

She is as tough as nails,
She is as smart as a whip.
What she does not know,
Are the lengths her daddy will go.

Her age is almost twelve,
Yet her burden is quite large.
I would relieve it if I could,
Any good father would.

My wish is to see her happy,
My dream is to see her thrive.
I want to watch her grow,
I hope that I am first to go.

Freshman Year by Hannah Copenhaver

Hannah Copenhaver

Freshman Year

That first trip my heart was racing.
When I signed the papers my dad was pacing
It was my first chance to be out on my own,
and I couldn’t wait to leave home.

When I left there were tears,
but I had no fears
Although, it was hard leaving my mom in despair,
for I was separating a pair.

My dreams were finally coming true.
I was playing softball for a Division Two.
My smile was like a radiant beam,
I was about to start living the dream.

Those West Virginia autumn-fields were nice.
For this Pennsylvania native, they would suffice.
I was so happy to be in a new place,
it was a great change of pace.

New friends were easy to make,
I knew going there was not a mistake.
I did not regret my decision at all,
I was getting an education and playing ball.

After the fall and winter,
the spring went a lot quicker.
My classes were exhausting my brain,
but my teammates and love of the game kept me from going insane.

Few finals stood between me and summer.
If I failed them it would be a bummer.
My grades finally arrived,
and I realized I had survived.

I was dying to go,
so dad and I hit the open road.
I was no longer on my own,
I was on my way home.

There Comes a Time In Your Life by Katelyn Goodnough

Katelyn Goodnough

There Comes a Time In Your Life

There comes a time in your life
when you are care-free
and you crave for adventure

When you start to notice
how beautiful the little things in life are

When you are ready to move on
and run towards your dreams

When someone is going to tell you
that you are not strong enough

When you fall down to your knees
and wonder why life is so hard

When you look around and see
all the little things that are still beautiful

When you finally realize that
you could die at any minute

There comes a time in your life,
when you decide that there
is only one thing that will stop you

Storm Brewing by Sara Martens

Sara Martens

Storm Brewing

He could not look away from her eyes. They were kaleidoscope eyes, too complicated a hue to be named, encompassing every shade of blue with just a touch of gray; a storm now darkened those tumultuous depths and rain fell. Guilt ripped through him and rain wet his face, the tempest in those eyes, striking him deeper than any words. No longer could he deny the unspoken word reflected in her eyes: Goodbye.

Alone in the Night by Bonita Levy

Bonita Levy

Alone in the Night

Walking through the night,
couldn’t see a thing in sight,
my mind started to play games,
And I realized things would never be the same.
Lost in complete despair,
for I thought you would never appear,
I realized then I was not alone,
for I saw you sitting on your throne,
and now I know I will never be alone.