Fire by Maria Edmonds

Maria Edmonds


Destructive burning me down

I hold my own hand through the fire

in search of the firebreak that delivers from evil




I fell in the firebox in cower

Trapped under the fingernails stretched out

from the devil’s hands


Screaming with no sound

Clawing with no nails

Clinching with no teeth

Clinging with no tightly strong emotions


The firewall presents the dead end

Dressed with the illusion of deliverance


Evil sits and taunts

mocks and insults

with the fingerbowl contents > deliverance


I keep falling in cower

Tangles in flames


No tight strong emotionless

Dressed and on display

Suffocated in tangled flames


Clawing through the cower

To believe

Evil dilutes tangled flames to deliverance


Inadequate supply dictating

Pointless hands of mine I hold

Occupied by myself


And I missed the talon


I fell again through tangled flames

I missed the ride to deliverance

Deliver me, Deliver me from evil

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Audi Columbo

Audi Columbo


 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow



The past is the past for a reason.

Some cannot let it go

even though that’s where it’s supposed to stay.

I cannot change what happened.

No matter how much I try,

no matter how much I think about it,

no matter how much I cry.

It’s unchangeable, and I must move on to tomorrow.



Don’t contemplate, or remember the past.

Don’t allow it to make all your troubles a burden.

Today is a new dawn, a new day.

Open your eyes to see the new gift in front of you,

allowing it to make a new moment to learn from,

forgiving yourself for what you have done.

Live in the now, for tomorrow.



I look forward to tomorrow for it’s a new day.

Moving on, and picking up the broken pieces,

knowing it’ll all be okay.

When you feel a pain

know that someone else is feeling a bigger one.

Don’t let the history interfere

for tomorrow is a new day.

A Reel Life Story by George Owens

George Owens

A Reel Life Story

Living life at frame rates of 24 frames per second
You’re everything to the audience
But fading fast to those who really know you
Your debut seemed forced yet you were extraordinary
The celluloid capturing you as you really are
You seem so different caught from this aspect ratio
The camera angle casts a cold blue shadow across
your pretty unblemished face

Your next emotion depends on their latest film review of
Fall From Grace
“She’s brilliant!” they wrote, “So exquisite!” was added
Now you’re happy and you smile again, no longer saddened
“She’s lost her edge,” wrote he, “She’s too over the top,” said she
Now you’re sad and depressed and refuse to
rehearse the next scene

You’ve become the role, you live the part
You memorize the lines but forget to smile at your co-star

I wish for time to reverse, the cameras to rewind
It’s time to cap the lens, torch the props
and send the extras home
Drive the location crew back to the studio
Wash your makeup off; give the black dress back to Wardrobe
Leave the script on the table; tell Casting you’re through
Your stand-in’s waiting, it’s her big debut
She’s shining; it’s her shot at the lead
Hand it to the director, she looks a lot like you do
Kubrick couldn’t have done it cleaner
Hitch would’ve been a jealous man
He’d want more than his cameo; he’d be your number one fan
The credits roll; the end song’s almost through

Your name flashes big and bright then
quickly fades to blue
Things will be written; you’ll read them
again and again, through and through
Sad… You’ll base the rest of your life on that very last review

Shadow by Sarah McCullough

Sarah McCullough


Maybe it’s waiting for me,
on the second star to the right.
I’ll fly there to find it,
faith, trust, pixie dust,
through the night sky, I’ll fly.
To Neverland.

Time is in the stomach of the crocodile,
tick, tick, tick, tick;
slowly creeping up from behind.
I can’t let it catch me, eat me alive.
I have to keep trying, flying.
To Neverland.

We played a game of Hook and Smee,
you gave commands and I aimed to please.
You commandeered my heart like a pirate,
but I fought like an Indian to steal it back.
No longer your captive.
In Neverland.

I found the Lost Boys,
playing in the trees.
They were so much fun,
so happy and free.
They took me on a tour.
Of Neverland.

It was in Mermaid Lagoon where I first saw him.
he was the center of attention,
the mermaids loved him.
They hated me when they saw the gleam in my eye.
They splashed, taunted.
He was just a shadow.

I followed it to Skull Rock,
where the waters were rough
and the tide rose fast.
I lost it in the effort to swim free,
lost it to save myself.
Lost his shadow.

I wandered and wondered,
where could he have gone,
this mysterious shadow boy?
I needed to find him,
needed to meet him.
Not just his shadow.

I came across Hangman’s Tree.
The Lost Boys let me inside.
Down the roots we went until,
we landed in the room
where, at last, I saw the boy,
attached to the shadow.

Untitled: I Didn’t Have Purpose… by Stephanie Rossiter

Stephanie Rossiter

 Untitled: I didn’t have purpose…

I didn’t have purpose.

I was all alone

and empty inside.

A void needing filled,

and then I met                                     you.


At first I was quiet.

I didn’t want to mess up

and say the wrong thing,

because talking to you

was what I                              needed.


You listened,

no judgment,

you just cared.

About                                      me

and about how I felt.


We talked more and                more,

became comfortable.

That’s when it happened.

I realized that I

Was falling for you.


But our time was kept short.

Reality set in.

We went our separate ways.

I took it harder                                    than

most of my past goodbyes.


Because you understood me,

I didn’t have to explain it.

I told you I wished that                      I

had done something different.

You said I did what was best.


You encouraged me.

Gave me confidence

and motivation.

That’s what I                           needed,

and you knew all along.


I tried to let go,

didn’t want to be clingy.

I stopped texting first,

instead letting                                     you,

except that you stopped.


So I carried on

and hid all my doubts.

Slapped on a smile                  and

kept going on with

my life as normal.


My hope had died down.

I had given up.

And then it happened

and my phone went off.

Your text: “I miss                   you.”


The feelings came back.

I felt whole again.

Someone to vent to,

and I                                        realized

how much I missed you.

I wanted you so much

to be selfish with you,

to have you be mine,

talking for hours,

to tell you I love you               too.

But I distance myself,

let what we have fade,

because I am leaving

and it hurts too much

knowing you waited too         late.

Every Night by Maria Edmonds

Maria Edmonds

Every Night

Every night I am afraid

Afraid of the black cloak meeting me


Meeting me at nightfall

Fall to the floor

Floor bangs my head

Head explodes


Ooooooo I see stars

Nice and twinkly


Twinkle twinkle little star

How you wonder where I are


Are you in awe

Awe you wonder


Wonder who I with

With not you


You try the black cloak

Cloak fits

Not you


Thank God

Every night

It is just a dream

Hubris by Sean Mackey

Sean Mackey


The party gathers around the table,
and I take my seat behind the screen.
A tremendous undertaking,
the plot of the decade ready to unfold.
The culmination of weeks spent plotting and scheming,
but it is ready for them.
All the traps are in place,
the traitors ready,
the rumors handy,
and the dangers plenty.

Toddler’s Dream by Nelson Velez

Nelson Velez

Toddler’s Dream


Dreaming at night of the toys in my playroom,

knowing the mess can be cleaned with a broom.

Dying to make a ridiculous mess,

I throw my toys to the right and left.

There are no worries, as my last toy became the best.

It cleaned up all the toys I threw with lightning speed,

left nothing to pick up an exceptional deed.

Against the carpet, his toy feet caught fire,

a gentle blaze, which quickly tired.

Your cleaning techniques are fierce yet precise,

you have made cleaning as simple as rolling dice.

I will help you small toy so you don’t burn out,

tiny toy you should be extremely worn out.

Thank you so much for being a joy

sweet dreams, helpful toy.

Romancing Nature by Kristina Woolman

Kristina Woolman

Romancing Nature

Countless songs have praised,

from earth and heavenward,

her willowy beauty, her silken locks

dangling loosely like waterfalls.

One day, capricious summer breeze,                                                              

well-known naughty boy,

with gentle touch that sways her to dance

beginning their romance with joy.

That windy boy whispered lustily,

ensured the girl of love everlasting.                                                   

He played his flirt; he’s gone with ease,

what signifies a summer breeze.

She’s left with crying, pure heart

and dripping dew of sorrow.

All dreams at once have broken apart.                                                                       

She is a lonely weeping willow.

Shadow of a Dead One by Taryn Owens

Taryn Owens

Shadow of a Dead One

Love, give me some water and hand me some wine,

we’re dying and crying and lusting for swine.

Each hit that we’re taking is numbing us all,

so tell me sweet darling how far have we to fall?

I dance in illusions, I cry in the rain,

this tale I have told you again and again.

My body has turned to a cold empty shell,

my scars are more real than you ever could tell.

There is a Man whispering, loudly to me.

His tears fill rose vases as vast as the sea.

This Man says He’ll save me, with something like blood,

that swimming in darkness will turn me to mud.

I grasp for His life and for being alive,

and quickly He saves me, as slowly I strive

for life and for air and for something I crave.

I know that He’ll hold me if only I’m brave.