Here’s our 2023 Hedge Apple team!

Naomi Sheely, Editor
Naomi Sheely thrives somewhere in chaos and caffeine. This has led her to the Dean’s list and honor society at HCC while completing a double major, several all-night study sessions, and a love for creating fictional worlds. It has, somehow, also given her a steady and calm husband and a well-behaved dog. Predictably, though, her three children are feral. There is no free time for hobbies, only the sweet escape of the written word. She will fall in love with anything that has life and love crafted into the narrative tone.

Alyssa Neff, Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m Alyssa, and I’m a graphic design major at HCC. I’ve dabbled in any art medium I can get my hands into, including writing, painting, sculpting, drawing, photography and videography. I specialize in portrait photography, which has been my current passion for over 3 years. As a writer and avid reader, I love a good cliffhanger. I appreciate when a writer is able to completely captivate a reader and make them question everything they thought happened whenever reaching that final page. As an artist drawn to the human form, I enjoy diving into metaphoric and deeper meaning through the human body in an artistic manner. In general, I really appreciate the works that make the viewer think, trying to put together their own pieces to artistic cliffhangers.

Amanda Miller, Faculty Supervisor
Hi, I’m Amanda. I’ve been faculty advisor for the Hedge Apple for 16 years now. I know because I started when I was pregnant with my first son, so it’s pretty easy to remember the time span. I love showcasing emerging writers and artists, and I love working with each new group of interns. My writing genres range the whole way from horror to children’s books, from fiction to poetry, including everything in between. I most appreciate authentic pieces that have a living heartbeat, pieces that sound urgent, like one specific voice whispering in my ear in a way that no other voice could. You can find out more about me at