Submission Guidelines

Hey, future contributor!

Thanks for all the great contest submissions! We are currently closed for submissions until November 2023. We look forward to working with you then!

Please check out our art or writing guidelines for submissions details, but in general, here’s what to submit:

At the Hedge Apple, we believe that literature and artwork are essential parts of humanity. These powerful channels can offer us hope and healing, bring us together, and give voice to the marginalized. They aren’t highbrow pursuits reserved only for intellectuals—literature and art are for everyone. Fresh voices are essential, and we love fledgling artists. We are passionate about helping you find your niche, whether it’s through our feedback or the resources provided on our website, and yes, we want to hear from you veteran crafters too, so please send us your stuff as well. We want to hear what you have to say.

We are looking for mixed media submissions (prose, poetry, art, photography, and videos) of all genres. We are especially drawn to pieces that showcase vulnerability and draw from real life experiences. That does not mean we don’t enjoy comedic takes on life, fantasy epics, and unconventional pieces. We like to uphold the unique, showcase the weird, and embrace the uncomfortable.

Barrelhouse Conversations and Connections: Writing That Pops!

October 29, 2022

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