The Fields of Time Lords by Cambria Puffenberger

Cambria Puffenberger

The Fields of Time Lords

Here in the Festival of Time

In which we mortals cannot chime

The early morning glistening

Of dewdrops among the bustling

Fields of Lords and Ladies rare

Gathered in the fresh crisp air

Alone for centuries, each one

Scarce be the time for fun

No one can count the years between

Their decisions to convene

Banished then are thoughts

Of loneliness in draughts

Stilled are the souls of those

Restless in this life they chose

Music, dancing, bright colors and moods

Easily overcomes the shadowed broods

The old and weary faces shed away

Replaced by smiles of the gay

As one who pried a glancing look

Upon the fields of Time Lords took

I saw life in stories that ancients had spoken

This beautiful race of Time unbroken