Fire by Maria Edmonds

Maria Edmonds


Destructive burning me down

I hold my own hand through the fire

in search of the firebreak that delivers from evil




I fell in the firebox in cower

Trapped under the fingernails stretched out

from the devil’s hands


Screaming with no sound

Clawing with no nails

Clinching with no teeth

Clinging with no tightly strong emotions


The firewall presents the dead end

Dressed with the illusion of deliverance


Evil sits and taunts

mocks and insults

with the fingerbowl contents > deliverance


I keep falling in cower

Tangles in flames


No tight strong emotionless

Dressed and on display

Suffocated in tangled flames


Clawing through the cower

To believe

Evil dilutes tangled flames to deliverance


Inadequate supply dictating

Pointless hands of mine I hold

Occupied by myself


And I missed the talon


I fell again through tangled flames

I missed the ride to deliverance

Deliver me, Deliver me from evil

Every Night by Maria Edmonds

Maria Edmonds

Every Night

Every night I am afraid

Afraid of the black cloak meeting me


Meeting me at nightfall

Fall to the floor

Floor bangs my head

Head explodes


Ooooooo I see stars

Nice and twinkly


Twinkle twinkle little star

How you wonder where I are


Are you in awe

Awe you wonder


Wonder who I with

With not you


You try the black cloak

Cloak fits

Not you


Thank God

Every night

It is just a dream