Looking for Swans – Matt Longerbeam

The simplistic sweetness of Matt’s short, sentimental poem, with its lowercase characters and quick, clipped lines, won all of us over. We imagine it will have a similar effect on you. Enjoy.

Looking for Swans

we would look for them 


she and I

the swans

there are four in all

living amongst the ducks

in the park


she would always

count them


she saw them all

on occasion 

none could be found

but always

she looked for them

just as 

she searched for 

the beauty

in things


and within her eyes

it could usually be found 

a bright side

to even the darkest hour


many times

she pointed them out

for me

she had that ability


I often envied that


never as much


I do 


standing here

in the park


missing her



to find

any swans

“Weeping Willow” Matt Longerbeam

when I think of that day
it is the soft brown of her eyes
that I remember most vividly,
the setting sun reflecting
in their tearful glistening
it was a warm day in Spring
yet I recall shivering inside
chilled amid an emotional ice storm
I was so young, so impetuous
unprepared to fully consider the future
naïve to the ways of regret
now, from time to time
I walk passed that secluded spot
maybe just to visit with
that part of myself
that I left there
without even realizing it
on that long ago day
under that willow tree
where we said our goodbyes
in sad and quiet voices
under that willow
where, like a damn fool
I left her weeping.

-2 Sept 2016