Imagine if a Butterfly by Rebecca Woody

Rebecca Woody

Imagine if a Butterfly


Imagine if a butterfly could sing.

            oh! The joy that could fill the air.

A glowing aurora of voice would ring,

            the world couldn’t help but dare

To reach out to a sun-soaked flower,

            fingers longing for the capture.

Imagine if a butterfly could sing. 

Yet, instead, as one approaches,

            a fearful, flirtatious flutter encroaches.

A blur of blue and purple flashes

            upon the silky green.

Timid, silent, filled with fear.

never wanting one to hear

The God-granted mystery, to one so dear.

Only God can reveal the beauty

            in the rhythmic beat of the innocent.

Only He can reveal the beauty,

            oh! That day is imminent

When the butterfly will sing.